Modular walling units are manufactured at our facility in Scotland. Our team of highly trained, multi skilled workers will take the co-ordinated design drawings and create items of joinery, furniture or walling systems, whilst every operation is checked and signed off by the factory manager. Embracing a culture of delivering quality items and pride in our work ensures a right first time approach, reducing waste and creating efficiency.

Maximum Quality

The factory environment we have created which emphasises quality and efficiency means waste is significantly reduced and managed to ensure recycling occurs where possible. As a company we actively monitor and improve on our working practices to ensure minimum waste levels, while maintaining maximum quality.

High Quality Materials

The off site manufacturing facility has a floor area 6500m2 where all components are brought and assembled. The factory can manufacture 250m2 per week, fully finished. Early manufacture is possible and whole areas (levels) can be stored awaiting call off.


Specific Installation 

Cisterns & waste pipes installed and fully tested prior to delivery

Small power for sensor taps and the like are fitted to the back of vanity walls reducing the need for other trades in toilet areas

Packaging for sanitary ware can be controlled and recycled in a more efficient manner